Hue Hatchlings: Toy Design | Fall 2019




Hue Hatchlings encourages children to recognize patterns in color theory and three-dimensional shapes through organic interaction with the modular nest and hatchling family. Non-directed play can also even begin to touch on family roles and storytelling. In the beginning it was important to achieve a basic understanding children’s learning capabilities and developmental stages, as well as what they’re actually interested in.....- I quickly learned that understanding a child’s needs is much different than being one. I also used my experience in Waldorf education to settle on a few additional parameters: I decided to deviate from the trend to incorporate technology by leaving the characters and history of my toy ambiguous in order to encourage the use of more imagination. I also ensured that I used natural materials to create a toy that is warm and comforting to play with. The whimsy of the nest and dragons inside encourage children to play long after they understand shapes and colors.