Nesting Wine Glasses: Product Design | Fall 2019




These stemless nesting wine glasses make the elegance and sophistication of French culture more accessible and open the door to learning about wine by making it easier for users to enjoy wine as it was meant to – in each specific glass......After researching several types of French food and aspects of the culture, I settled on a redesign of wine glasses.

Wine is stereotypically “French”, but also is the experience most often neglected by those who lack the knowledge or resources to drink wine properly. This is particularly applicable in the age of wine subscription kits. My research revealed that many people would prefer to drink out of a wine glass, but don’t because they lack the storage space or money. These wine glasses were one of the first projects that I designed in Autodesk Fusion 360. They stack for easy storage and allow the user to choose a glass that is specially designed for red, white, or sparkling wine.