Grace Gerdes

Grace Gerdes Design

I’m a designer with a passion for finding balance and contrast – in my work and in the rest of my life.

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Featured Projects


Sensorient: Exhibition Concept | Spring 2021
In partnership with architecture students,
we designed an museum exhibition about mapping within an existing space.
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Sigo Design Project

Sigo: App Development | Spring 2020
Utilizing user research methods, I came to understand a demographic with whom I had no prior experience. Through iterative user testing, I developed and coded prototypes for a simplified navigation app.
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Hue Hatchlings Project

Hue Hatchlings: Toy Design | Fall 2019
This project was my first experience designing a product for a demographic other than myself. I used rapid prototyping skills, experience with soft goods, and knowledge of Waldorf educational philosophy to create a learning toy for 5 year olds.
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Nested Wine Glasses Project

Nesting Wine Glasses: Product Design | Fall 2019
Through personal experiences with french cuisine, I have made the elegance and sophistication of french culture - specifically wine - more accessible while staying consistent with their design language using CAD software and rapid prototyping.
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Sink Caddy and Cleaning Tool Project

Cleaning Tool: Product Design | Fall 2019
User research such as Insight documents and journey maps identified current pain points in the dishwashing experience, specifically with blenders. This sink caddy improves the quality of work and ease of use and is visually pleasing.
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