Sigo: App Development | Spring 2020




Sigo is a simplified navigation app that allows people with Down syndrome to navigate autonomously throughout their daily lives. The initial user research and a basic understanding of Down syndrome revealed that current map applications, such as Google Maps or local public transport directories, show too many options and are overwhelming. .....Because of those limitations, users are unable to travel outside of their practiced routines or self-correct if they get off track. It’s also difficult for loved ones to provide help remotely.

Using Adobe XD, Google Futter, and Android Studio, I conducted various stages of user testing and arrived at a solution that provides simplified map information, immediate directions and opportunities for self-correction. Sigo also alerts loved-ones of progress along the way and in doing so, allows users to comfortably travel outside of their normal routine.

This project began as a problem that was pitched by Asindown to exchange students at UPV in the European Project Semester program. In partnership with Asindown, my team began conducting user research in Spain until many exchange students were forced to return home due to the onset of the pandemic. Unfortunately, my teammates decided to pursue a different EPS project back in their home countries; however, I was determined to continue the project. I devised ways to conduct remote user testing and worked virtually with Asindown through the end of the Spring 2020 semester. Now in Fall 2020, I have continued to partner with the foundation and further the development of SIGO because I believe that this project could greatly impact an overlooked demographic and improve their quality of life. I am currently looking for additional partners to assist with user testing! If you are interested, please reach out through the contact form page. By working with more foundations and individuals, I aim to achieve a wider sample size and more accurate user testing data.